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#hopeandhealingcanada with Tracey-Mae Chambers - This event has already occurred

Thursday, September 30, 2021 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


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Join Tracey-Mae Chambers as she creates her site specific art installation #hopeandhealingcanada on the front lawn at PAMA. Stop by throughout the day or follow along with @visitPAMA on Instagram to see the process. The installation will be on display until October 3.

Please note: The installation will be taking place outside and physical distancing measures will be in effect with no building access. PAMA will remain closed until early 2022, while remaining active with online programing, community partnerships and virtual and outdoor exhibitions. We are undergoing a significant construction project that impacts our entire complex to improve the airflow for visitors as well as our collections.


Tracey-Mae Chambers grew up as a stranger to her own story; adopted and re-named, grafted into a family tree. The discovery in adulthood of her Ojibwa-Metis heritage was a revelation that set her on a path of discovery. Her work is in the powerful tradition of the vessel as metaphor for individuals; we fill and re-fill ourselves throughout life to create our own story. 

#hopeandhealingcanada is Tracey-Mae Chamber's reaction to Covid-19 and her hope for healing by reconnecting with other people and our environments. The work illustrates the temporary nature of the pandemic, struggles and achievements and our very existence.

Artist Statement:

The last sixteen months have been devastating. Every human on the planet has been affected by Covid-19. Those affected by the virus as well as the weight of the daily news which highlights not only Covid numbers but unrest around the world, racial discrimination, the discovery of 215 graves of forgotten Indigenous children prolong the strife. The bad news goes on and on. How do we pick up the pieces of our lives? Individually and collectively. How do we heal and stay hopeful?

I have been contemplating how to move forward in my art practice. I feel like I need to re-connect. Not just with my family and friends but with my environment and the community. There has been a huge disconnect as we are all huddled in our homes. 

Hope and Healing: We must remain hopeful to heal. There is still so much that connects us to one another. Has the pandemic made that more apparent to everyone? I am building as many temporary installations at as many Ontario outdoor spaces as is possible. These will be constructed with red string. Red is the colour of blood, the colour of passion and of anger. It is the slur against Indigenous and represents danger and power. It can also represent courage and love. That will be the focus of my work. These installations are detailed and temporary. They will be created photographed and then removed on the same day. There is no waste. The very same string is used in the next installation. Although painstaking it is worth every ounce of effort.




9 Wellington St. E., Brampton, ON, L6W 1Y1

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