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Monday, February 15, 2021 4:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Family Programs


Family Day @ Home

Explore, connect and celebrate Family Day all weekend long with a variety of downloadable activities for you to enjoy at your leisure at home bringing art, culture and creative exploration to whole new levels! 

Start planning your Family Day Weekend now. Register to access the step-by-step downloadable instructions via email. 

PAMA Heist: Escape Room

You have been selected by the famous Silver Snake, the greatest art thief in modern history. Your objective: break into PAMA, retrieve a valuable artwork within and leave with the painting all while remaining undetected. The alarm has been temporarily disarmed and the building will be empty. You have one hour to impress the notorious Silver Snake and become rich from the artwork’s sale. Will you be able to steal the painting and get out in time?

Engage the whole family as you transform your home into your own escape room using a ready-to-play game kit. Just download the resources, print out the challenges, set-up in 30 min and you are ready to go! Designed for ages 9+.

*Please note, this activity is designed as a fun way of engaging with PAMA during our closure. Truly breaking in and stealing artworks is illegal.

Family Friendly Activities

Bring art, culture and historical exploration home with a variety of easy and fun-filled activities for all ages. Using simple materials, PAMA is happy to provide step-by-step instructions for art activities, games or fun things to try while at home. Designed for ages 6+

Mailable Hug - Celebrating Family Day with loved ones virtually isn’t the same, but with your artistic skills, you can send someone you miss a special mailable hug for them to cherish despite the distance.

Colour Block Snowflakes - Get inspired by the bold colours of Ila Lovelace-Kuhnert’s artwork from the exhibition When Night Stirred at Sea: Contemporary Caribbean Art and design colour block snowflakes.


9 Wellington St. E., Brampton, ON, L6W 1Y1

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    Start planning your Family Day Weekend now. Register to access the step-by-step downloadable instructions via email for the PAMA Heist: Escape Room and two Family Friendly Activities.

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